Mads Singers Management Podcast

“Human beings are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, and are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so”

This podcast is your opportunity to learn from others!

Mads Singers Management Podcast

Hi! I am Mads Singers, the podcast host here and your People Management Coach and Consultant.

My management academy and my coaching help business owners focus on running and growing their business rather than working in it.

In this podcast, I interview people that share their own experiences relevant to management.

I publish a new episode every Wednesday, 9AM EST.

Your people are the biggest asset you have. Their attitude, performance, and body of work can result in the success or failure of your business. The most challenging part of any manager’s job is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT, and this is going beyond just managing. The role is dynamic.

Running a successful business requires a good understanding of people and personalities, getting the right people on board in your business building journey and an ability to delegate to and grow your staff effectively.
Most people have natural strengths and weaknesses that enable them to do some of the above, while some of it often lacks behind, which hinders the growth and development of the business.
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MSMP 29: Melinda Byerley on Priorities and Management
MSMP 28: Christine Gouchault on Moving Forward and Creating Momentum
MSMP 27: Ray Blakney on Goal-Driven Management
MSMP 26: Laura Roeder’s Unique Take in People Management

MSMP 25: Karl Kangur on Changing Roles of People Management in the face of Digital Marketing
MSMP 24: Michael Bereslavsky of Domain Magnate on Business and People Management
MSMP 23: Mark Luckenbaugh: How to Make Your Investment in Management Worthy
MSMP 22: Anfernee Chansamooth on his Management Growth Journey

MSMP 21: Rob Te Braake on Managing your Business Cashflow SMARTLY
MSMP 20: Vincent D’Eletto on Effective Workflow and Operational Procedures
MSMP 19: Terry Kyle’s take on How Innovation Pushes Us More 
MSMP 18: Monique Lindner on Performance and Optimization 

MSMP 17: Chris Jankulovski on Leadership from the Core
MSMP 16: Kris Reid on Management: Focus and Consistency 
MSMP 15: Josh Patrick on Successful Business Leadership
MSMP 14: Chris Prefontaine on Values Based Management
MSMP 13: Gregory Elfrink on Management and Employees First

MSMP 12: Wayne Richard from Bean Ninjas on being Visionary and Coaching Leader
MSMP 11: Noel Andrews on Time and Communication
MSMP 10: Daniel Chabert on Autonomy & Empowerment
MSMP 9: Dom Wells on Empowerment and Management

MSMP 8: Davide Rossi on Culture of Continuous Feedback
MSMP 7: Maj Wismann on Personal Management
MSMP 6: Julio Monzon on Culture Driven Leadership
MSMP 5 : Kurt Philip on Vision & Results-Driven Management

JULY 2019
MSMP 4: Anna Shcherbyna on Data-driven Management
MSMP 3: Jonathan Kiekbusch on Hiring Right
MSMP 2: Julie Spear from Boblsed Marketing on Employee Development
MSMP 1: Lavinia Iosub from Livit on Management

Mads Singers Management Podcast