MSMP 50: Todd Palmer on Growing Businesses

Coaches are like guides who help you unpeel and navigate what you know to help you come out with the best outcome.

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no other than Todd Palmer, the leader. He knows that we only learn by leaning into the uncomfortable and away from the comfortable.

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Todd is a serial entrepreneur and has been a CEO for 25 years. Recently, Todd retired and is currently, a full-time coach and speaker helping entrepreneurs through his company Extraordinary Advisors to do inside out leadership training, to help them stick around their business, take their complicated business issues and make those complicated business issues simple so entrepreneurs can create a life designed to typically involve entrepreneurship and their personal life to help them enjoy a better life and a profitable experience versus trying to do all by themselves which for Todd is the real hidden trap of entrepreneurship.

Msmp 50 Todd Palmer

Todd subscribes to the view that every entrepreneur should never stop learning and should always consider themselves as long life learners to be able to know better and figure things out accordingly for them.

Key Learning:
  1. Todd Palmer’s Biggest Management Challenge – 1:37
  2. Todd Palmer’s Common Client Challenges – 14:41
  3. Todd Palmer’s Insights and Tips – 31:49, 37:07
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