Mads Singers is a management coach

About Mads Singers

Mads Singers is a management coach, consultant & speaker. He has coached people in everything from large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola to small online entrepreneurs for 12+ years.

Mads main focus is effective people management – Many business owners and managers have little to no people management experience. often, 50%+ of managers never had ANY training – and these are the MOST important people in most Companies. There is so much to gain from learning effective management.

Mads is also very well known as a DISC behavior expert, providing one of the best DISC trainings in the world.

Management isn’t terribly complicated – with Mads’s Effective Management Mastery course, everyone can get started, by learning the most important management processes and start becoming a more effective people manager.

Mads runs multiple other businesses while doing his coaching, as he’s eager to walk the walk, not only talk theory about it!

Mads was born in Aarhus, Denmark, on the 24th of April, 1984. He left Denmark to move to Ireland at the age of 18 and have since lived in many countries around the world.


A big part of Mads’s coaching philosophy have always been to “walk the walk” hence he only spend a part of his day coaching others, while most of his time goes to building and growing his own companies.


An outsourcing company specializing in helping clients with the best-outsourced staffing solutions.

A people management Software, that help businesses effectively manage their staffing information, including lifetime free DISC behavior tests.

A SEO conferance talking place in Vietnam every year.

Speaking & Events

Mads speaks worldwide on topics such as Outsourcing, Remote Work, DISC Behavior, Leadership & Management and the future of these topics.

Mads has spoken at events such as Chiang Mai SEO, DC BKK, eCommerce Expo, TiECon, 7 Figure Seller Summit, SEO Mastery Summit and many more.

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Mads has done many webinars over the years and enjoys sharing his knowledge.

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Mads has the Mads Singers Management Podcast and also contribute to 100’s of other podcasts, as he is sharing all about leadership, management and outsourcing.

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