MSMP 114: Maya Middlemiss on Scaling Your Business to be Remote-First and How to Be Happy and Healthy When Working from Home

Joining me today on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Maya Middlemiss. Maya is the Creator and Founder of Happy Healthy Homeworking, and she has been working remotely for quite a long time, way before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Maya launched her business back in 2000, a year she clearly remembers because it coincided with her millennial baby. What was supposed to be a solo business grew into an agency where she employed people from three different countries. She then left that business to completely go freelance, where she also spends her time writing and consulting, specializing in the future of work, business, and how we collaborate online. While many loom the work future due to the pandemic, Maya is excited and sees it as an opportunity to evolve.

Renting pricey office buildings was the norm of many businesses. It was somewhat of a beacon that let others know that you have established yourself. While a good corner office with a view is excellent for the CEO or President, ordinary employees struggled to work because of long commute times and even accessibility to transport. Some employees opted to move closer to their workplace but struggled with balancing their paycheck because they would spend most of it for rent and not having enough for food and other necessities.

While working remotely is not a new concept, many of those who just began their remote working journey have struggled because the lines between work and personal life often get blurred. However, there are productivity hacks one can implement to improve your work-life balance.

I prefer working on a solid office desk and in complete silence. In contrast, others thrive in the buzz of their local cafe or restaurant. Take the time to find out what works best for you. Some people perform well during the day, while creatives like writers, graphic designers, and video editors may perform better at night in a world where there aren’t many distractions in their homes and surroundings.

Msmp 114 Maya Middlemiss
Key Learning:
  1. Mads says that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have realized that they no longer need fancy and expensive offices to function. – 03:23
  2. Maya adds that because of the pandemic, many businesses have also realized that remote work can be productive and possible. – 03:35
  3. Mads says that remote working will have consequences for both businesses and employees. However, it’s better for everyone. – 05:30
  4. Maya hopes to see a renaissance where people will be working in smaller towns where money will be pumped into the local economy and new jobs will be created. – 06:13
  5. Maya says that businesses should adopt a remote-first course of action to continue no matter what comes their way.- 09:27
  6. Maya says that once we liberate ourselves from the idea that we should constantly be working, we can start working more flexibly, and we can start to tune in to our rhythm. 14:28
  7. Maya says that the more we know ourselves and our rhythms, the more productive and happy we can be – 15:08
  8. Maya recommends that one have a dedicated space where they can do their work to dictate how you want things to be and surround yourself with things that make you productive.- 18:32
  9. Mads shares that it’s essential to have a separate place for work and play. – 22:34
  10. Maya adds that while not everyone may afford a separate home office or office space in their homes, they can look for creative ways to maximize their space and create boundaries to achieve work-life balance. – 24:11
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