MSMP 52: Marquis Matson on SEO Marketing for Start-Up Businesses

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Marquis Matson, from BookRetreats.

Marquis is a digital nomad and SEO Expert. She also specializes in comprehensive keyword analysis, making sense of organic traffic data, and topic clustering.

Marquis creates content plans with a focus on Search Engine Optimization, high-converting content creation, funnel strategies, and email marketing.

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Marquis’s passion is to works with start-up companies, and her experience is mostly in the wellness and yoga industry. Currently, she manages the Marketing Team of a company called BookRetreats, which focuses on overall wellness.

Marquis has always subscribed to the view that becoming part of the growth is essential in management. From this perspective, she profoundly understands the relevance of being flexible, knowing that individual differences significantly affect her management style. This is, in effect, also reflects in the manner she relays her feedback. For Marquis, having the right method to communicate is crucial for improvement; hence, it must be specific, whether it be positive or negative feedback.

Msmp 52 Marquis Matson

As she has grown within BookRetreats, being organized is the best advice she could impart. In this way, asking the right questions contributes to becoming relevant such as how she was able to grow with BookRetreats with her SEO and Digital Marketing expertise.

Key Learning:
  1. Marquis Matson’s General Insight on Management – 2:25, 4:04
  2. Marquis Matson’s Take on Performance and Over All Wellness – 9:12, 11:39
  3. Marquis Matson’s Management Tips – 17:00, 20:58
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