MSMP 19: Terry Kyle’s take on How Innovation Pushes Us More

It takes a community to innovate. It takes a community to push the limits and accomplish the impossible. Innovation in today’s age and time drives us to do more, but to do it consistently is another key to factor in. This key involves mastery, which necessitates a process that allows a person to do tasks or actions repetitively irrespective of its outcome and results.

Live on today’s podcast episode is no less than Terry Kyle, CEO of WPX Hosting, which fully funds an NGO he owns called Every Dog Matters to help homeless dogs and cats in Bulgaria where he is currently based.

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Just like everyone else, Terry Kyle has a lot of experience to draw from in terms of management. What sets him apart is that his management philosophy always draws from what he loves to do and that is to innovate and create opportunity – consistently by practicingEverything is practice is a philosophy that’s been circling his company daily.

His professional background includes being a teacher, which is why as an owner and entrepreneur, he feels delighted whenever he sees his people grow, blossom, and outgrow themselves in the process. Terry not only stops in seeing them outgrow themselves along the journey, as he is fully aware how innovation pushes a person beyond all cylinders, he gives his confidence in them, to the point that Terry, does not worry whenever there’s a unique circumstance which his business is confronted of as he could rely not just on their expertise, but also in their bodies of work.

Terry subscribes to the view that when we know what we are up against and ready to take for it, freedom and momentum happens. All these viewpoints are evident in the manner he manages his business, his team, and even his recruitment process.

Msmp 19 Terry Kyle
Key Learning:
  1. Management Consistency – 4:42, 9:58, 12:46
  2. Terry Kyle’s Management Philosophy – 13:38, 15:13, 15:35
  3. Mission in People Management – 16:28, 17:13, 17:58
  4. Succumbing Predicaments – 18:47, 19:35
  5. Terry Kyle’s take on Hiring Effectively – 23:00
  6. Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders – 26:48
  7. Set-Up Monday, Review Friday Dynamic – 29:35
  8. Personal Development – 33:40
Connect with Terry Kyle on the following Online Handles:
  1. WPX Hosting
  2. Every Dog Matters (An NGO Company fully funded by WPX Hosting)
  3. Personal Website
  4. Linkedin
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