MSMP 102: Navin Jaitly on Providing Value to your Sales and Service People

Welcome to another episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast! Today, we are joined by Navin Jaitly! Navin is an expert in a field where I don’t make well – sales!

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Navin works with business owners, business executives, and even business leaders. A firm believer in seeing the good inside of people rather than the outside, Navin has a passion for changing the way business leaders and their teams think. Navin also believes in changing the relationship dynamics in a team to know that they are valued and appreciated. Like many of us, Navin also had his “dark days,” where he shares that he also struggled to work; however, Navin was able to turn it around and even start his own business.

Navin and I noted that many entrepreneurs suck at making sales or hate making sales with a passion, thus leaving many of them lagging or performing poorly, which causes them to miss out on clients and opportunities.

But all hope is not lost as Navin is on a mission to change and impact the lives of at least a million people globally.

Navin then adds that business owners and managers shouldn’t immediately judge a potential employee by looking at their CV. Instead, ask them important questions like goals and plans after five years.

An excellent way to approach this is by applying DiSC. DiSC theory was developed by Dr. William Martson and has become an essential tool in the workplace because it can help business owners gauge how their employees will perform.

Msmp 102 Navin Jaitly
Key Learning:
  1. Mads says that most businesses don’t grow because business owners lack delegating or the skills but rather because they don’t have the right mindset. – 3:50
  2. Mads points out that many companies and brands are doing many bad business practices. – 4:09
  3. Navin says that business owners should find out the “why” of a potential employee, especially if you’re hiring salespeople – 6:53
  4. Navin says that sales are the lifeblood of businesses; he then adds that the relationship with how business owners make sales and treat their sales team should change – 06:08
  5. Navin talks about the Dilts Logical Level by the psychologist, Robert Dilts, and how can it be used to find your why and your purpose- 7:57
  6. Navin likens sales to gaining weight. – 12:10
  7. Navin believes that sales are like education because you get to educate your customers on what they need.- 15:30
  8. Navin points out that while external skills are essential, finding out a person’s why can help you fix problems quickly… – 20:00
  9. Mads shares the importance of DiSC and how it can be used to sell to your potential clients and/or customers immediately. – 26:14
  10. Navin points out that managers should never forget the human aspect when managing their staff. – 32:29
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