MSMP 35: Dr. Mark Wade on Virtual Summit and Online Strategy

We are trained by society/peers/culture/human programming to go with norms. The truth is you can and be whatever you please to be at whatever age, whatever circumstances, whatever anything else – be it whether from being a neurologist to being a person who advocates online collaborative strategy.

This pathway is precisely what Dr. Mark Wade followed through.

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Dr. Mark Wade, founder of Virtual Summit to share to us how he was able to build the company he owns now through online collaborative strategy.

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Dr. Mark Wade is a Postural Neurologist who earned his doctorate and a couple of certifications concerning neuroscience and human functions. He currently runs a posture clinic for over ten years now.

In the same manner, he also owns Virtual Summit – an online institute, a SaaS company wherein every person involved is location dependent. He focuses on helping other entrepreneurs through collaborative strategies just as how he was able to build his online business by creating software(s) to allow him to create this company to run those summits.

Dr. Mark Wade’s turning point was when he was contemplating that he wanted to help a lot of people and wanted to give online business a try. After clarifying things about the online business, he now heads a company called Virtual Summit, an online institute creating software(s) to allow him to create this company to run those summits.

In running the online business, the transition was a challenge as he was used to having a brick-and-mortar business to completely location dependent. He finally found the rhythm when he profoundly understood that one of the takeaways which made him successful in the industry was to have people who are engaged and qualified.

Msmp 35 Mark Wade
Key Learning:
  1. Dr. Mark Wade’s Virtual Summit Business Journey – 2:17, 3:04, 13:37
  2. Dr. Mark Wade’s Insight on Branding Relevance in Virtual Summits – 8:22
  3. Lessons that Dr. Mark Wade learned in running Virtual Summits – 14:36, 17:04
  4. Dr. Mark Wade’s Management Mistake – 21:00
  5. Dr. Mark Wade’s Mission – 25:47
  6. Dr. Mark Wade’s Onboarding Process – 31:13
  7. Dr. Mark Wade’s Management Tips – 38:48
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t – Author: Jim Collins
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