MSMP 13: Gregory Elfrink on Management and Employees First

Let’s imagine, as one of the employees, you started from the bottom as rank and file and then you rose to become now one of the management leads for the company you are working for, and then the company grew and immediately got some great press. Prospective customers started to show up wanting to place orders and avail themselves of their services. Let’s imagine that within a few months, the company had hundreds of orders waiting to be filled and services waiting to be availed.

Your market is already active and it’s getting bigger. There are plenty of potential customers. If you marked off one or a few of your buyers for some regrettable reason and they ceased buying from you, you could learn from the experience and quickly recoup.

But what if your employees were disinterested or displeased with their jobs? Their discontent could ruin the brand and the company; management failed, products and services quality would suffer. A company cannot grow meaningfully on the backs of unhappy employees.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management PodcastGregory Elfrink from Empire Flippers shares with us his management philosophy and what keeps him burning in serving employees first.

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Gregory Elfrink started in an apprentice program to become the Marketing Director for Empire Flippers. For Gregory, leadership embedded in trust and transformation works for him even though it may sound decades-old wisdom; this directs his management to serve his employees first, growing together with them, and allotting liberty to outgrow oneself as the business grows too.

Msmp 13 Gregory Elfrink

He subscribes to the view that by consistently facilitating one-to-one discussions, his moral responsibility as a leader is being displayed in the same manner as it is depicted to his leaders too.

Key Learning:
  1. Gregory Elfrink’s Management Philosophy – 2:11
  2. People Management Mission – 3:15
  3. Outgrowing Business-related Challenges – 4:40, 5:20, 15:32
  4. Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders – 7:55
  5. Onboarding Process – 11:17
  6. Unique Management Style – 13:37
  7. Business Risks -18:40
  8. Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions – 21:27
Golden Nugget:
  1. Leadership Anchor – 14:15
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