MSMP 133: Kison Patel on Being Decisive and Solving Problems Effectively

My guest for today’s Mads Singers Management Podcast episode is none other than Kison Patel. Kison is the CEO and founder of M&A Science and the DealRoom, where he spent ten years as an M&A advisor. Wanting to improve the flow in the M&A world, Kison ventured into creating software to do just that; however, this led him to a difficult path where he experienced several setbacks. Convinced by a friend, Kison started a podcast that became successful and launched Kison to greater heights which became a full-blown media company.

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Although it may seem easy to understand people now that we are more connected than ever, sometimes essential details on a person can easily get lost in the noise and the digital clutter that surrounds us. Hence, business leaders must be sensitive.

Being a business owner or manager doesn’t make it all about you but rather your team, and it’s high time that this mindset should change. Spend time growing your team by communicating and building relationships with them because they are the ones who will help your business grow. Giving responsibilities and ownership to your staff means you don’t necessarily know the exact outcome of a task or project. However, they will deliver and even amaze you with the results because you trust them.

While not all people have motivated drivers, especially personalities who are not as quickly as motivated as others, doing little things every day will help you be disciplined, whether by reading books or learning about DiSC or other items and skills. Whatever you set your mind on, you can accomplish it.

Msmp 133 Kison Patel
Key Learning:
  1. Kison shares that he struggled with his leadership and management approach and learned, leading to reading books. – 04:40
  2. Kison likes building software to building your team where people are free to express themselves- 05:20
  3. Kison adds that when he thinks about creating the ideal workplace or culture, it’s striving for an environment where people feel that their voice will be heard. They’re comfortable communicating their ideas, pointing out things when there are issues, and acknowledging achievements when people hit their goals, whether big or small. (Refer to Episode 132 on how you can recognize your teams). – 05:25
  4. Mads says he loves asking managers what percentage they spend talking when they hold team meetings. – 07:53
  5. Mads adds that, besides making essential decisions for their company or business, a manager’s role is to build their team, grow their team, communicate with their team, and build relationships with their teams. – 09:42
  6. Kison says that influence is a significant component of your success, but it should start by listening to what others have to say because the more you understand, the better your influence will be on that person. – 10:03
  7. Kison shares his approach when working with organizations. He says that we need to understand their initiatives and problems and then align ourselves on how we can help solve them. – 11:58
  8. Mads shares that when you master something, you need to pick up something else that you can learn or improve on so that you’re regularly learning new things. – 15:31
  9. Kison says that you will almost always get results when you put in the effort. – 24:05
  10. Mads says that when you understand yourself and what drives you, you understand the most effective way to get the best results. – 29:13
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston
  2. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
  3. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Tahl Raz
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