MSMP 181: 5 Proven People Management Skills That Start-Up Business Owners Are Ineffective Of Doing

Like myself, this week’s guest, John Papaloni, is a serial entrepreneur whose people management skills are put into action every single day. John, CEO of Papaloni Media, shares his proven and tested tips on how to manage staff effectively, especially when you’re a small business owner wanting to gain the traction you’ve been wanting to see! 

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John and I talked about delegation and how this became his most challenging people management attempt in the business he has, especially when he was just starting up. He also shared how other people management takeaways worked for him and how neglecting the tips on how to manage people at work became ineffective for him at a time that you can learn from. 

If you’re a business owner just starting up and don’t know where to begin managing your people, make sure you don’t miss this episode! Learn how to manage staff effectively for FREE and in case you need any support for your team’s growth, sing out!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:
  1. How you can better transition from hiring to onboarding; 
  2. The critical times delegating becomes crucial for your business; 
  3. 5 successful people management tips you may have been neglecting.
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