MSMP 180: How Do You Change And Create A Great Company Culture?

Sara Sheehan joins us in today’s episode! Sara and I talked about one of the most common topics around people management, which is having the best company culture. Is there such? 

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Sara puts it – company culture’s foundation is supported behaviours. And this came from her years of experience from a human capital perspective. Sara highlights, though, that while it means supported behaviours among a group of people, it is important that you are clearer with the desired outcomes you want to achieve out of tolerance and in your business context. This is how you can create the best company culture while realistically achieving action, accountability and productivity. 

We also agreed on one aspect: An unhealthy company culture led by a poor leader is a disaster

Suppose you feel like you are looking to sprint the corporate ladder, or wanting to create an impact that fires across all cylinders, or delegated to change a company culture that fails the business. In that case, this is an episode you should be tuning in and taking advantage of it! 

Listen to this week’s show and learn:
  1. What does the best company culture look like;
  2. How you can measure your company culture health;
  3. How to never lose employees without doing a lot;
  4. How you can avoid leadership disaster by having a great company culture. 
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