MSMP 152: How Do I Increase Employee Retention? Learn How Your Work Culture Affects!

We all know how badly the pandemic has hit the hospitality industry. It’s one of the many industries which struggled to keep the business going, considering the implementation of several lockdowns. Lydia, the owner of multiple restaurant businesses, joins us in today’s episode! In her business industry, recruitment is considered reactive, and she learned this a hard way. She realized the relevance of shared beliefs in the people she hires and how the values and work culture she wants to cultivate significantly helped her increase her retention rate in her industry. This allowed her retention rate to increase, and the very people who are with helped her to keep the business going because of the shared beliefs lived. Lydia knows that while she can outsource people, she cannot outsource values and work culture.

Discover more about how Lydia managed to increase her retention rate by upholding values and work culture as she reveals her management secrets.

This episode will be an exciting one!

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152 Lydia Papaphilippopoulos
What else do we cover in this episode?
  1. How management dynamic is different around the hospitality entity
  2. Emphasis on shared beliefs about values and work culture as a business owner and among her business partners and employee
  3. Lydia’s retention percentage in upholding shared beliefs
  4. Lydia’s unique hiring process for her hospitality businesses
Resources Mentioned:
  1. The Culture Code – Author: Daniel Coyle
  2. Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast
Connect With Lydia:
  1. Linkedin
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