MSMP 146: Andrew Venture on Financial Delegation Importance to Staff Delegation

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Andrew Venture is joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast! Andrew considers Operational Consulting the foundation of what he does and is now looking to help small-medium businesses scale up using systems and techniques around financial delegation and staff delegation. Andrew believes that financial delegation must be practiced with a staged approach for a company to scale up. It retains accountability while giving away a certain level of autonomy. This approach is where his effective staff delegation comes in concerning operational needs. Find out more in this episode and learn more about the importance of financial delegation and staff delegation!

Msmp 146 Andrew Venture
What else do we cover in this episode?
  1. Financial Delegation Concept – 2:57
  2. Financial Delegation and Staff Delegation Risks – 7:58
  3. Structured Staff Responsibility and Financial Accountability – 15:34
  4. Operations Manager Hiring Competency Indicator – 16.27
  5. Financial Considerations in Staff Delegation/Promotion – 18:16
  6. Operations Manager Skill Model – 25:49
Episode Resources:
  1. Traction – Author: Gino Wickman
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  4. Free Community Group For Managers & Leaders
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