MSMP 51: Ghilaine Chan on Ownership and Smooth Communication

Many leaders in this time, especially new ones, fall into the trap of thinking that they have to be the ones doing everything, “running the show,” dispensing good advice right and left. Because after all, why else are you in charge, right? Wrong. The best leaders are not those who try to do it themselves, but those who can guide, inspire, and motivate others to do their best, and even bring out things in others that they didn’t think they were capable of.

A good leader shines. A great leader makes other people shine.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management PodcastGhilaine Chan from, Brilliant and Human joins me today to discuss how enabling strengths becomes an essential function to effective delegation.

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Ghilaine Chan is the Co-Founder of Brilliant and Human. She works with small businesses and looks at how the customers, people, and technology work together. These elements are what Ghiliane considers when looking at the whole business interface regardless of the business size.

Ghilaine is mainly responsible for the inside of the businesses and how people work best with those teams.

Ghilaine subscribes to the view that managing people entails being able to build connections for effective delegation alongside the tools or technology in place.

Msmp 51 Ghilaine Chan
Key Learning:
  1. Ghilaine Chan’s Insight on Management – 2:16, 8:24
  2. Ghilaine Chan’s Tips on Team Management – 18:30
  3. Ghilaine Chan’s Insight on Common Client Challenges – 27:52.
  4. Ghilaine Chan’s Tips and Hints in General – 41:45
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Nine Lies About Work – Author: Marcus Buckingham
  2. The End of Average – Author: Todd Rose
Connect with Ghilaine Chan on the following online handles:
  1. Brilliant and Human
  2. Linkedin
  3. E-mail:
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