MSMP 132: Jennifer Braganza on Hiring and Building Teams in the Digital Age

Today’s guest on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Jennifer Braganza. Jennifer is an engineer by profession, a strategic problem solver, and a process innovator, speaker, and coach. She is also the Head of iBusiness Process Management for Pontoon Solutions, where she leads a team that supports the organization with its projects. Jennifer has also been an entrepreneur since 2007, where she coaches engineers and teaches corporate professionals how to be innovators in a corporate environment and culture.

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We spend most of our time at work, some with multiple jobs or business ventures, and we tend to get caught up on so many things and forget to acknowledge and recognize those who help us run our businesses. However, many business managers and leaders tend to wait until the last minute before giving their employees feedback; and this is why Jennifer advocates for workplace recognition, one-to-ones, team huddles, and team meetings. Doing all these makes them feel valued, boosts their confidence, and increases productivity.

While there is nothing wrong with hiring externally for leadership roles, it can increase the risk of mistakes and problems for your business; however, we can minimize that risk by investing and developing the employees we currently have.

Encourage your team by measuring things that matter to them, don’t be afraid to try out new things with your team, and if they don’t like it, you can always stop. Allow your team to help you build the company culture. Instead of doing everything yourself, make sure you get input from your team on how they want things to be done or create a workplace and culture that allows them to grow and develop.

Msmp 132 Jennifer Braganza
Key Learning:
  1. Jennifer says she is a massive advocate for recognition. She has weekly meetings with her staff to recognize good things during the week. It doesn’t have to be that big as well. – 03:31
  2. Jennifer adds that she noticed an improvement with her employees when they received recognition from their peers. She continues that leaders and managers should practice recognizing their employees and giving them enough positive feedback – 05:33
  3. Jennifer says that while she enables a positive team culture, she says it is not her alone who acts out a positive team culture because her employees help make this team culture felt. – 07:30
  4. Mads says that business owners should prepare their employees for the next job because they are better as your next manager than hiring someone outside. – 12:15
  5. Mads observed that many business owners complain that they cannot find the right fit for their following managers. However, he says that if you invest and develop your employees, you can easily find someone who will fit that role. – 12:17
  6. In hiring, Jennifer says that she often looks for a candidate that will be the glue of the team rather than an individual player- 18:08
  7. She recommends using DiSC to help you find good team players. – 19:09
  8. While it may seem ideal to have a team that thinks, talk, and act like you, Jennifer says it’s essential to have different kinds of people in your team to help you see things differently. However, you can have one person who is like you and have them act as your translator to the group so your instructions or tasks will be understood easily. – 21:32
  9. Mads shares when he hired people where no one was like him and how he struggled with doing most analytical tasks and found it hard to delegate.- 22:33
  10. Jennifer says that you should allow your team to help you build the company culture. -27:29
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Mentoring for Employees
  2. Books on Gratitude
Connect with Jennifer Braganza:
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Exponential Success Website
  4. Center for Entrepreneurship Website
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