MSMP 43: Jason Long on Goal Alignment and People Management

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is the CEO and Founder of Tangent Solutions, JH Media GroupBrainLeaf, and Sensible SurveysJason Long.

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Jason Long is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in business building. His businesses include Tangent Solutions, which owns a portfolio of software services, product services, and outsourcing companies. Likewise, he also owns JH Media Group, which is a Saas Consulting Company.

In the course of his business growth, Jason has had ups and downs, but he paved his way through it by learning through it. One of which had a significant impact on his views about recruitment.

On the same note, Jason also subscribes to the view that effective management from the top level is all about having the right people on board. Otherwise, disaster may most likely strike.

Msmp 43 Jason Long

Jason does not put a person’s ability in a “box” but pushes the new hire around based on the potential he saw, which could eventually fire all cylinders.

Key Learning:
  1. Jason Long’s Management Philosophy – 4:19, 34:19
  2. Jason Long’s Insight on Goal Alignment – 5:00
  3. Jason Long’s Important Business Management Lesson – 13:40
  4. Jason Long’s Approach to Hiring – 22:37
Connect with Jason Long on the following online handles:
  1. Linkedin
  2. Twitter
  3. JH Media Group (SaaS Consulting, Planning, & Build)
  4. BrainLeaf (Scope of Work Process Optimization)
  5. Sensible Surveys (Complex surveys made sensible. Specializing in Wage and Benefits Surveys)
  6. MedRev
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