MSMP 151: Turn One Cleaning Service Business Into Multiple Businesses!

Every entrepreneur makes this mistake: Ineffective DelegationAsrorJon joins us in our podcast episode today to share how he has been an active player in the cleaning service business industry. Unlike others, AsrorJon immediately became resourceful when he realized how technology and effective delegation skills could potentially increase his business’s revenue and leads. AsrorJon’s humble beginnings in establishing his cleaning service business led him to become skillful in management. We share the same take on management and delegation, making this episode exciting and exciting! A fact about our guest today is that he is my first Uzbekistan podcast guest, so it’s refreshing to hear new ideas and stories!

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If you want to know how to turn one business venture into multiple ones, then this is for you! Learn more about an expert’s secret by tuning in!

151 Asrorjon Shukurov
What else do we cover in this episode?
  1. Management lessons learned from his corporate experience which he has been practicing in all of his businesses
  2. Hiring lessons learned from his past mistakes
  3. How he learned effective delegation and how it helped him exponentially
Resources Mentioned:
  1. The Immigrant’s Companion: Making Your American Dream a Reality – Author: Asrorjon Shukurov
Connect with Asrorjon Shukurov:
  1. Linkedin
  2. Personal Website
  3. Green Cleaning Association
  4. Fix Contractors
  5. Interworld Cleaning
  6. Pruz Investments
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