MSMP 134: Tomer David on Automation’s Influence in Managing People

If you need a hand or two (or more!) for your Amazon business, today’s guest on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Tomer David, owner of the Sourcing Monster with 14+ years of e-commerce experience under his belt. Although Tomer is not a stranger to online businesses and gigs, he has also dipped his hands into brick-and-mortar businesses; however, this has made him experience a lot of hardships and stress that made the business suffer. This made Tomar realize that that kind of life was not for him and pursue a career in the online world that allowed him to work from anywhere where he wasn’t tied to any timezones or could delegate to his team quickly.

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Starting or growing a business will involve a lot of experimenting on your side, whether it’s on customer service, management, or whatever area needs working on. Still, whatever it is, you will need to make a 360 approach to your business. However, experimenting has its risks, and what worked for others may not always work for you, but this doesn’t mean you should stop working on your business. Seeing data from your experiments gives you confidence that you may not have before because you didn’t trust the process. Although we may need to perform several experiments using several tools and get varying results, we shouldn’t be discouraged by the results. Instead, we need to understand how to use the information to our advantage.

This also applies to how we approach people; some may be dominant. At the same time, some may be reserved, but regardless of what type of person you may encounter, it’s essential to know how we approach them, and this is where the magic of DiSC comes in. Unlike other tests or behavioral frameworks, DiSC doesn’t involve complicated steps; you can look at a person’s behavior and, from there, understand how to deal with them.

Experimenting may not be everyone’s cup of tea but doing so, whether you use automation or in your field of expertise, allows us to see what works and what doesn’t work. Experimenting also allows us to find new ways and better ways to deal with people or other aspects of life and even business.

We human beings spend most of our time communicating with each other regardless of what platform or method we use. Investing in learning how to communicate better will allow us to influence others and the things we do and reap better results.

Msmp 134 Tomer David
Key Learning:
  1. Tomer says that experiments can apply to anything you do in life, and the more you get into the habit of experimenting and measuring the right way. You can improve yourself fast because it allows you to find things you didn’t know about yourself and even change how you think. – 03:15
  2. Tomer says that it’s essential that we test and measure our experiments because it allows you to see what’s working, what’s not working, what needs to be fixed, or what needs to be changed. – 04:44
  3. Mads shares his experience with Oura rings and how they impacted his life. Observing patterns and analyzing data allowed him to see what needed to be changed or improved. – 07:07
  4. Mads says that if you know how to talk to certain people, you will get the result or outcome you are looking for. – 12:09
  5. Although Tomer finds it hard to shift in talking with different people, he says the more we practice, the easier it will become. – 13:42
  6. Tomer says that even if our automation always breaks or only work for 80% to 90% most of the time, it is still worth it because it’s an automated process, and we get predictable results – 16:45
  7. Tomer adds that whenever you feel stuck, you shouldn’t worry because someone out there has already thought of a solution because they had that issue before. Tomar says this is the right time to create something new if you can’t find a solution. – 18:50
  8. Tomer says that we should always try new things to discover new sides of our personalities or new hobbies we may love. – 21:53
  9. Tomer says that if we improve our skills in communicating better with other people and ourselves, it can influence everything we do, and we will get much better results. – 23:55
  10. Mads says that success in life doesn’t come from you alone but from the people around you and the things you learn from them. – 29:45
Resources Mentioned:
  1. The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  3. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
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