MSMP 163: 3 Leadership Traits That You Need To Have To Avoid Leadership Failure

I’m blasting with Scott McCarthy as he joins us in today’s episode! Scott and I share the same passion around performance leadership. But what’s interesting about Scott is that he is a Senior Army Officer in the day and a business leader at night! 

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Scott, like myself, loves learning! Being an Army leader and a leadership coach at the same time, he developed the 3 pillars of leadership traits which will not only help you achieve your peak performance in the business that you are leading but also will help you avoid leadership failure.

Tune in all the way to the end and make sure you do not miss knowing what you don’t know when it comes to performance leadership! 

What do we cover in this episode? 
  1. Will the difference between Army Leadership and Business Leadership benefit your leadership performance?;
  2. How you can avoid leadership failure; and
  3. 3 pillars of leadership traits that will help you achieve your peak performance
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