MSMP 26: Laura Roeder’s Unique Take in People Management

Many entrepreneurs or business owners right now take businesses so seriously that people management becomes second or third on their list without fully comprehending the amount of effective people management could generate.

More than just managing businesses, engaging as qualified, being another way of managing people poses relevant increases in people’s productivity as well as their level of energy, and output. All these are possible when viewed and done in a different light.

What I just shared is the reason why I am not missing out to be joined in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast by Laura Roeder, Founder of MeetEdgar, to welcome 2020 with her new insights about people and business management.

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Fascinating as she is, Laura has been working full-time since she graduated and has been supporting herself since then. She has been an entrepreneur for ten years now.

Laura has had different business models from consulting, online courses, SaaS – pretty much all in online marketing and social media marketing.

Laura leads MeetEdgar, a Social Media Automation Tool that helps content on social media channels automate to make it easy for everyone who avails.

Like how she leads her team, Laura swears, by making life as easy as possible for people to make their contribution. So, whether that includes clearing roadblocks for people, making sure that the people can communicate with others easily, helping them have the information organized, supporting their thought process to be more productive at work – Laura seizes opportunities as such.

Msmp 26 Laura Roeder

Laura has been guided by the fact that – in general, people are always doing their best, which reflects how she manages her people and business, makes critical decisions, and even in connecting with them.

Key Learning:
  1. Laura Roeder’s Management Philosophy – 2:12
  2. Laura Roeder’s Management Challenges, Strengths, and Weaknesses – 4:23, 11:22, 14:30, 16:10
  3. The Most Important Management Skill learned by Laura Roeder – 7:53, 8:18
  4. Laura Roeder’s take in Delegation – 18:19
  5. Identifying tomorrow’s Leaders – 23:21
  6. Managing Managers – 27:38
  7. Laura Roeder Business Risk – 29:02
  8. Management Tips from Laura Roeder – 32:09
Tools Mentioned:
  1. MeetEdgar
Connect with Laura Roeder on the following online handles:
  1. MeetEdgar
  2. Laura Roeder
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  4. Twitter
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