MSMP 103: Ceri Hurford-Jones on Hiring the Right People and Teaching Skills

Welcome to another episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast! Joining us today is Ceri Hurford-Jones. Ceri has had humble beginnings by working on a farm but eventually made his way up and worked by being the managing director of Spire FM and finally starting his own business.

Ceri and I share the same passion for helping businesses develop, grow, and succeed. So today, Ceri and I sat down to talk about management and how to hire the right people.

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Being open, honest, fair, fun, professional, and unconventional are Ceri’s values; however, he shares that, while we can share or influence others to follow our values, these won’t work or impact if we do not follow our values. And although change doesn’t happen overnight, you will eventually see many positive changes (and close more deals) in yourself and your staff. However, simply writing down your values and making stuff up along the way to prop up a company or brand quickly won’t help it survive in the long run.

Like most business owners, Ceri also had his share of difficulties in his career where another group tried to do their job, and although this led to the radio being bought, Ceri was able to bounce back.

Ceri stresses the importance of being open with your staff by sharing whatever profit or loss you’ve made because this allows your staff to help gain an insight into the business or company and make them steer the business in the right direction. An informed team is also good at making decisions that will help you and everyone else involved in the industry.

Msmp 103 Ceri Hurford Jones
Key Learning:
  1. Ceri says that you can’t share your values if you don’t live or follow your values in life – 3:44
  2. Although it sounds cliche, Ceri shares how a staff that makes you (the business owner) look good can work wonders for your company and/or brand. – 5:38
  3. Mads shares how businesses, especially the small ones, are helping people by offering jobs because this allows people to have something to look up to. – 07:21
  4. Ceri says that good people (employees) stay longer because they take pride in their business. – 08:24
  5. Mads says that when it comes to hiring people, one should start with their staff because people like working with like-minded people.- 10:39
  6. Ceri encourages business owners and managers to be open with their team by sharing updates about its projects.- 12:44
  7. Ceri says that business owners should not be scared to make their staff “mini-owners” in their business or schemes. – 19:15
  8. Ceri shares that one shouldn’t start something if they’re not going to see it through seriously- 20:47
  9. Ceri adds that business owners should hire slowly and fire quickly – 21:18
  10. Mads says that managers shouldn’t sit around and focus on the stats and numbers but instead focus on their team members well-being.- 27:00
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