MSMP 91: Lindsay Tjepkema on Growing in a Pandemic

While many people struggled to survive when the Covid-19 pandemic began (and continued), Lindsay Tjepkema and her team at Casted have had a very different problem: managing growth. The company is only two years old and half of that has been in the middle of a series of lockdowns and restrictions that no one ever planned for. But while Casted entered the pandemic in March 2020 with 10 team members, they now have 20.

Casted is an amplified marketing platform that helps enterprise B2B marketing teams harness the power of audio and video content as the centerpiece of their content strategy. Someone appearing on a podcast to discuss how her company helps other companies grow using, among other things, podcasts, made for a fun episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast!

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Lindsay, first and last, values people. Long before she started the company, she and her co-founders were planning and discussing what kind of team they wanted to build, what kind of opportunities they wanted to offer, what kind of culture they hoped to create. That sort of people-centric focus, pre-pandemic, led to a very tight team: they went to lunch with each other at least once a week, overheard meetings and sales pitches, and even knew each other’s coffee preferences. That’s obviously had to change as the in-person team added many new members who couldn’t be there with them. Something I’ve done with my own teams to adapt to the situation is to have walking meetings. Instead of walking together in-person, we both are walking in our own geographic locations and getting that energy and movement from a walk as part of our time together.

It’s also important to interconnect your people. Some personality types are going to naturally gravitate towards others, but some members of your team are going to need a bit of encouragement to interact with each other. It might be a bit manufactured and awkward at the beginning, Lindsay acknowledges, but the fruits of this outreach come fairly quickly.

Msmp 91 Lindsay Tjepkema

This also means that Lindsay tries to make herself available to help others in whatever way she can. Whenever business owners tell me they “don’t have time for that kind of thing” it’s usually because they are “busy” doing the wrong things. It’s these one-on-one connections with people, team members, and strangers alike, that can take you to the next level of personal and professional performance. Lindsay gets that, and that’s why I think she and Casted have a bright future ahead of them. Enjoy our conversation!

Key Learning:
  1. Lindsay discusses how “people” have always been at the center of how she viewed and built Casted – 3:05
  2. Lindsay values “over-communication” in her team – 5:04
  3. Mads shares the “biggest own goal possible” in management – 9:15
  4. Lindsay offers different frames for presenting unwanted projects to your team – 10:35
  5. Lindsay discusses the power of in-person teams – 15:30
  6. Lindsay and Mads note the fallacy of the entrepreneur “going it alone” – 27:45
  7. Lindsay discusses the value of alone time – 31:30
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