MSMP 21: Rob Te Braake on Managing your Business Cashflow SMARTLY

Are you thinking of wanting to grow your business? Discerning if you have the cashflow needed? Knowledgeable enough to discern where to invest, or is it even worth investing? What if… Investing is not the key to growth? Or is your investment not returning?

I get that. If it weren’t on your mind, you wouldn’t be here. While a systematic plan of action is there on the surface to help you increase your customer platform and boost revenue, which by the way, are both great things to mention – growth alone isn’t sufficient to sustain and run a business if the right conditions aren’t satisfied.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs or growing businesses that are excited about growth to accept willingly – or even create challenges that they’re not furnished to handle. Most of the time – it involves not getting their cashflows right to sustain their businesses.

Joining us LIVE in this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no other than Rob Te Braake from ABEL Finance.

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I recently worked with Rob Te Braake and we’re cooking an excellent Financial Course where every entrepreneur or business owner can learn from figuratively and practically!

Rob helps online businesses with Finance Strategy by assisting entrepreneurs to understand their numbers profoundly most notably from a high-level perspective to know and gain insight on the resources they decide to invest, helps them plan for the future – like what does that do to your overall budget or cashflow and how “financially prepared” your business would be when the odds aren’t in your favor.

Msmp 21 Rob Te Braake

Rob subscribes to the view that understanding every business’ numbers can add so much value. This profound understanding of business cashflow could help an entrepreneur make better decisions and allows room for risk awareness more transparently or accurately at least. From reviewing the past numbers to planning ahead and forecasting – all these entail the efficient manner of handling your business cashflow – knowing and understanding.

He acknowledges that the change in mindset is a longer process than it should most especially if the business is doing great. For Rob, being actively aware of your finances or business cashflow allows three things: 1) Growth, 2) Profit, and 3) Risk Awareness. In hindsight, SMART BUSINESS.

Key Learning:
  1. Rob Te Braake gets across on One Important Thing – 3:50
  2. Mindset Shift – 5:33, 7:02
  3. Business Variation Implications – 25:32, 28:21
Golden Nugget:
  1. Financial Risk Awareness – 12:04, 16:42, 29:34
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