MSMP 30: Andrew Steven on Building Solutions

Building Solutions and finding what works in leadership and doing more of it is one of the many perspectives Andrew Steven carries on in governing both his business and the team he has.

In today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast, I am joined by Andrew Steven, Co-Founder of High Voltage SEO to tackle about how he becomes efficient in managing and transforming his business by creating processes and systems.

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Andrew has been an SEO Consultant with ten years of experience in the digital world. He worked for hands-on in SEO, PPC, Display, Retargeting, CRO, and social media and now specializes in building and implementing search strategy using his knowledge and experience.

As a self-learner, Andrew managed to embrace the beauty of creating systems and processes which proved to be helpful to him with his SEO Firm. As he is fully aware of the business involved in SEO, he subscribes to the view that the absence of systems and processes would make one’s business an unmanageable mess.

Msmp 30 Andrew Steven

For Andrew, the rule of synergy applies to his leadership style – he can create more together with the team he built that he can get ever by himself as Andrew acknowledges the fact that he does not know everything that may accompany this business to success. It’s always better for Andrew to invest his time in building new solutions rather than spending time on dwelling and not doing anything from past mistakes.

Andrew believes that people management is as close to nurturing – ensuring that their needs are met and finding out what those needs are. He has several different programs considering that most of the people who are part of his team do not work in the same place daily.

Key Learning:
  1. Andrew Steven’s Management Philosophy – 2:11
  2. Process and Systems Building Challenge(s) – 3:51
  3. Andrew Steven’s Roadblocks on Management – 8:10, 13:48
  4. Andrew Steven’s Take on Employee Retention – 18:06, 22:30
  5. Two Types of People in the SEO Industry according to Andrew Steven – 24:46
  6. Andrew Steven’s Calculated Challenge(s) & Take on Delegation – 33:00, 43:55, 48:34
  7. Andrew Steven’s Tips and Tricks around Management – 55:33
Golden Nugget:
  1. Rule of Synergy – 11:37, 13:35
  2. Andrew Steven’s on Six Business Elements – 49:23
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