MSMP 177: When is delegating effectively most successful?

Delegation has been a core topic, you know, I am very passionate about. So, I am super thrilled to have NaTandya Dowell, in today’s podcast episode as we discuss the pitfalls of delegation of work and why delegating effectively as a small business owner can be very hard!

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It’s known that a lot of solopreneurs turned into entrepreneurs have difficulty on how to de delegate. This is hugely because they thought of the business idea, built their business way up, and developed it further hence their strong attachment to their business. While this is valid, this is the pitfall many small business owners are dragged into, eventually leading them to get stuck. 

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:
  1. How you can transition delegating effectively from corporate to becoming a business owner yourself;
  2. Which is your bigger problem? Your business model or your delegation skills?;
  3. How can small business owners measure success in their delegation track?;
  4. 3 tangible things you can do as a business owner to start delegating successfully
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