MSMP 160: What Is Successful Delegation In Real Estate Operations

Thrilled to be joined by Seth Teagle in our podcast episode today! Like myself, I also have a fair share of real estate investments, and Seth shares his expertise in successfully delegating his real estate business with us to the growth it is today. Seth talked about his specific challenges, especially in managing people when his real estate business was growing.

Seth also shared how important it is to have the right real estate and business partner to delegate accountabilities successfully. He shared the experiences he learned from being a firefighter to owning a successful real estate and investment company. You’d love to listen to this episode and save it on your phone!

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What do we cover in this episode?
  1. How can managing your span of control ensure an optimal real estate business;
  2. How can you eliminate real estate unpredictability by bettering your business management;
  3. Successfully transitioning from a task-oriented mindset to a system-based mindset;
  4. How can you better turn networking uniquely beneficial you;
  5. How can you not make a mistake in finding your business partner.
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