MSMP 8: Davide Rossi on Culture of Continuous Feedback

In any company, one of the most fundamental relationships is the connection between the leader and the follower, which highly depends on the leader’s management philosophy and exchange of feedback.

A healthy bond by way of conducting one on one can produce efficiency and productivity, whereas a reliable connection can be detrimental to organizational success in the absence of any feedback.

Joining us is Davide Rossi to share with us his insights on effective integration.

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Davide subscribes to the view that making time for one on one makes a huge difference, and so its impact. He firmly believes that profoundly knowing your people is just as important as having them on your team. Davide sees its value, its power, the pattern to make the most out of it and its sustainability in the long run of eventually collaborating on a shared vision.

Davide sees the complexity of human relations as an opportunity to be leveraged in terms of ensuring that getting the buy-in is no longer imposed for short term approval purposes but is for long term purposes.

Hence, doing it on a recurring basis helps him make feedback a habit and a shared routine.

For Davide, it encourages a culture of continuous feedback.

Msmp 8 Davide Rossi

This window at the same time allows Davide to gain an insight to how he manages his team or how his team thinks of his management style which led Davide Rossi to realize if whether he has heard them just as his team expects him to hear them.

Davide understands that management may be unique or borrowed techniques; for him, it’s a beautiful concept in this vast world.

Key Learning:
  1. Davide Rossi’s Management Philosophy – (2:37)
  2. People Management Mission – (3:29), (4:08)
  3. Davide Rossi’s Unique Management Style – (7:04)
  4. Company Transformation – (9:11)
  5. Personal and Company Improvement – (17:25), (19:12)
  6. Management Tips, Tricks, and Techniques – (20:36)
Golden Nugget:
  1. Implications of One-on-One Meeting – (5:20)
Reference Mentioned:
  1. Tool: Asan
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