MSMP 162: What Are You Missing Out on Networking Today

I’m thrilled to be joined by Doug Cornfield today! Before Doug tapped into his entrepreneurial roots, he previously became a top sales representative for a fast-growing company. To back his sales success, the company sales grew from $500,000 per year to a cash flow of $500,000 per week in just three years! Doug then tapped into his sales, and networking strengths, grew his business, and gave back to the community.

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Doug’s always believed that strengthening your strengths is the way for you to thrive at whatever you are doing instead of working on your weakness as you may have been taught. For Doug, networking at whatever level is what many entrepreneurs have been missing out on lately! Tune in until the end to learn the tactics he learned in sales, communication, and networking!

What do we cover in this episode?
  1. How can you do business and networking while being a philanthropist; 
  2. In people management, how do you help people realize what their strengths are;
  3. How can you not miss out on any networking opportunities as an entrepreneur
Episode Resources:
  1. Linkedin
  2. Pulling Each Other Along
  3. Disability Dream and Do
  4. Mads Singers Free Management Training
  5. Join Mads Singers Management Group 
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