MSMP 178: The Most Often Overlooked Personal Development Opportunities Risking Your Business Goal

In an age where boundaries between our home and work life are blurring, it’s important for us to discuss the most often overlooked personal development opportunities in your business goal. I am thrilled to be joined by Kerry Paul today to discuss a topic I super love – personal development and growth and how business owners get along with that!

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Every business owner faces two factors when running a business: Internal and external. While internal factors are easier to deal with, what really challenges your business goal is when you are confronted by factors outside of your control, regardless of whether or not perceived and pose a greater risk.

Ultimately, the way you adapt and deal with your businesses’ hits and misses directly affects your finances – which as a business owner myself, I am very sensitive to. Get a unique insight into Kerry Paul’s insightful expertise, especially on how you can start exploring personal development opportunities, what you can learn and what you can do next!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:
  1. How does personal development directly affect your business?;
  2. What are the common things that entrepreneurs struggle with?;
  3. What are the common business delivery pitfalls?;
  4. How can you figure out if you are undercharging?
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