MSMP 7: Maj Wismann on Personal Management

Actions of the leader affect the way employees behave at work and management style; at the end of the day, we are all social beings; hence, we feel connected and impacted by our personal feelings manifested in the way we act towards others in one way or another.

In this podcast episode, we are joined by no other than Maj Wismann, a clinical sexologist and relationship therapist whose discussion will revolve around the implications of unsettling issues that, in effect, affect people management.

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Living life each day affects us DAILY, whether it be positively or negatively. It can’t be denied how personal issues affect mainly our focus at work. It is challenging to focus on something most, primarily where a person’s attention is divided. Hence, Maj mission as a clinical sexologist and relationship therapist is to help people who are trying to help themselves and who desires to obtain guidance from a professional with regard to personal issues and people management.

From an entrepreneur perspective, several staff just stop performing well because of issues at home, which may not be a lot but still affect them so much most especially at work.

Msmp 7 Maj Wismann

Maj subscribes to the view that the underrated method is the most salient method that just clears out the lonely path – communication. She believes that communication as a skill has so much importance because now and then, every process and details require communication; it is not just able to deliver the message but also “the manner” the message was received and the received signal as well dramatically is affected by our own biases.

Key Learning:
  1. Communication as a Skill – (5:20)
  2. Key Things, Huge Impact – (9:04), (9:27), (9:43), (10:57), (10:30), (11:30), (12:55), (13:51), (15:15)
Tip(s), Trick(s,) and Suggestion(s):
  1. Cultivating Deeper Awareness – (27:41); (30:12)
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