MSMP 17: Chris Jankulovski on Leadership from the Core

While a lot of us may have different ways of looking between being a leader and a manager, between leadership and management, it all boils down to a person translating authenticity in all forms. Although this may sound relatively easy, it would take for a person to overcome oneself for leadership to be brought in this manner.

Joining us in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no other than Chris Jankulovski, founder of Remotestaff who has employed over 8000 home-based professionals since Remotestaff started to service the majority of his clients.

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Chris Jankulovski once aspired to be a Digital Nomad who just wanted to learn everything about Internet Marketing, until now, loves the idea of traveling and earning at the same time anywhere around the globe until he was hit by his crossroads.

It was with this experience that he managed to succumb to each predicament he was confronted of graciously through being able find his purpose in not just being able to help himself with his vision but also helping others by leading from the core. He firmly believes in leading with authenticity.

As such, Chris Jankulovski focuses on people, which for him, is fundamental irrespective of the industry a person is part of and looks at the situation to adapt his way of management. In this regard, Chris keeps an eye on ensuring that when he leads from the core, his leadership becomes more authentic, and focuses on what can be done for it to become a collective success.

Msmp 17 Chris Jankulovski

For Chris, in the absence of self-awareness, successful leadership is just an idea of rolling like a ball.

Key Learning Points from Chris Jankulovski:
  1. Chris Jankulovski’s Management Philosophy – 5:46, 8:48
  2. Mission in managing People – 14:30, 15:26
  3. Overcoming Business Management Challenges – 18:04, 20:27
  4. Chris Jankulovski’s Manner of Identifying Tomorrow’s Leader – 21:09, 21:45
  5. Chris Jankulovski’s Unique Take on Delegation – 23:08
  6. Management Tips from Chris Jankulovski – 25:44, 26:52, 27:41
Golden Nugget:
  1. Power of Perspective – 15:11
  2. How is Leadership different from Management – 11:19, 12:09
  3. Collective Success – 27:41
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Just Keep Going – Author: Chris Jankulovski
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  3. Linkedin
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