MSMP 32: Brent Zahradnik on Learned Interests to Entrepreneurial Success

Competing against household brands these days might be one hell of a ride which stems from the belief that the precursor to success is a capital venture; however, not at all a pre-requisite.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs can prove quite a bit with little to no capital by simply investing in learned interests.

Joining me today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Brent Zahradnik, owner of AMZ Pathfinder to share with us today how his vision alongside with his team help brands effectively and profitably advertise on Amazon Marketplaces.

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Brent Zahradnik is from the eastern United States and has run his Amazon advertising agency for five years now. Together with his team, he works with businesses selling on the Amazon platform in both the North American and European markets.

In every success from setbacks, Brent always acknowledges the fact that he is not an expert on everything such that he values the work his team does. One of the things he enjoys the most about people management is its ability to surprise him in many ways rather than simply compartmentalizing him from the time team members get hired.

Msmp 32 Brent Zahradnik

Brent subscribes to the view that by hiring self-motivated individuals, the business value needs not to be reinforced but instead becomes naturally nurtured.

Key Learning:
  1. Brent Zahradnik’s Business Growth and Dynamics – 1:20, 17:02
  2. Brent Zahradnik’s Biggest Management Challenge – 4:01
  3. Brent Zahradnik’s Take on Succession Planning – 9:30
  4. Brent Zahradnik’s Take in Onboarding – 20:52
  5. Brent Zahradnik’s Take on Delegation – 24:10
  6. Brent Zahradnik’s Mission in People Management – 26:46, 27:40
  7. Tips, Tricks Around Management – 32:31, 33:46
Tools Mentioned:
  1. Slack
  2. Dynamite Hiring
Connect with Brent Zahradnik on the following handles:
  1. LinkedIn
  2. AMZ Pathfinder
  3. E-mail:
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