MSMP 2: Julie Spear from Bobsled Marketing

Management reality tells us that it may be impossible to tailor fit all programs to meet the variety of styles in managing people.

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In this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast, we then reaffirm the importance of having a collaborative management approach to begin empowering the employees to take more responsibility for their development.

Joining us is Julie Spear from Bobsled Marketing. Julie Spear had an educational background for sixteen years before joining Bobsled Marketing.

She led a large school in Chicago to which she built the team, helped it grow and scaled school building programs. While in education, Julie pursued a degree in Psychology and earned her Masters in Psychology and Counseling.

Known to be very encouraging and helps her team realize their potential, Julie confessed that she is a lifelong learner, and this perspective enabled her to see opportunities as an exciting journey in employee development.

For Julie, People Management requires a robust and clear understanding of the individuals on her team, and she leverages her educational background in translating it to the work that she does in Bobsled Marketing.

By her education philosophy, she believes that targeting the individual learners and understanding the context in meeting them will eventually help them grow and develop professionally.

Msmp 2 Julie Spear
Key Learning:
  1. Julie Spear’s Unique Management Philosophy – (5:54)
  2. The Mission in People Management – (9:28), (9:47)
  3. Julie Spear’s Unique Leadership Style – (10:49)
  4. Application of Individual Experience to Business Success – (12:47)
  5. Cultivating Business and People Innovation – (14:27), (14:40)
  6. Influencing Leaders – (16:21)
  7. Management and Innovation Tips, Tricks, or Apps – (19:06)
Golden Nugget:
  • Importance of Having the Right People AND Empowerment – (10:03)
  • Resiliency in Business Opportunities – (15:22)
Resources Mentioned:
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