MSMP 156: How Your Fear of Hiring Younger Employees Delays Business Opportunities

Today’s episode tackles every business owner’s fear: hiring younger and qualified but inexperienced employees. Ron Nussbaum is our guest today! Ron’s management experience dealing with younger and less experienced employees assures business owner’s that: it can be done. So as long as the communication lines are open. This aspect has been Ron’s nugget in managing, developing, and creating lifelong retention of his younger employees. Learn more about the benefits and how to turn things around when dealing with them by tuning in today! This is an episode you will surely love!

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What do we cover in this episode?
  1. How do you deal with the complexity of hiring and having younger and less experienced employees
  2. What management style is best suited when hiring younger employees
  3. How expected results can be delivered despite hiring less experienced employees
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