MSMP 11: Noel Andrews on Time and Communication

Employee engagement propelled by spending quality time with your employees irrespective of employee rank and roles makes magic. Innovating engagement and communication can both be tricky and costly in the absence of creativity. Most of the time, the simplest ingredient in management is the most neglected.

The success of a business is highly dependent on how effective communication is across all ladders.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management PodcastNoel Andrews joins us, who is an advocate of effective communication.

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Noel Andrews is the CEO and owner of Jobrack, which is an online job board. He subscribes to the view that communication is two-way. Receiving the message is not enough, the manner the message was conveyed and received makes it work, and building connection is the key for this to happen. In the absence of connection, communication among employees will be one way which has proven itself to be ineffective and inefficient over time.

Msmp 11 Noel Andrews

Noel is fully aware that his most significant strength is helping business owners scale up their business by finding them A-players his customers need. With this advantage in mind, Noel ensures that he is in touch of his management philosophy wherein Noel provides that he can figure out what he desires as output and later communicates it. He always finds time to do so.

For Noel, the impact of his people-oriented action is crucial in the manner that the body of work is done.

Key Learning:
  1. Noel Andrews’ Management Philosophy – (3:44)
  2. Unique Management Style – (27:04); (28:57)
  3. People Management Mission – (6:31), (6:46), (7:03)
  4. Outgrowing Business-Related Challenges – (14:38)
  5. Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders – (21:25), (21:56)
  6. Onboarding Process – (8:16)
  7. Business Risks – (35:54)
  8. Tips, Tricks, Suggestions – (40:57), (44:50)
Golden Nugget:
  1. Management Philosophy – (3:44), (15:52)
  2. Implications of spending time communicating – (4:53), (9:49)
Apps Mentioned:
  1. Slack
Connect with Noel Andrews on the following online handles:
  1. Website
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