MSMP 38: Jerry Abiog on Maximizing Artificial Intelligence Platform for Marketing

Nowadays, marketing is diversified. Diversified in the sense that Artificial Intelligence could make or break your marketing strategy and customer experience journey.

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Jerry Abiog, Co-founder and CMO of a company called Standard Insights, an AI Growth Marketing Platform.

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Jerry’s journey started 25 years ago when he first landed his steps in the corporate world. He then realized that he could do better on his own, which eventually led him to become the co-founder of Standard Insights, an AI Growth Marketing Platform.

Standard Insights help businesses execute the data-driven campaign, and omnichannel campaigns, which later enables them to monetize their data on Facebook, and what this does is, it helps them target the right person with the right product and service at the right time. Standard Insights enable companies to be more competitive in a data-driven world.

Msmp 38 Jerry Abiog

In the manner that Jerry manages his people, Jerry checks upon himself now and then that he is not micro-managing and instead empowers his people by proving them access or liberty to work on the output they all agreed on. Considering that Standard Insights is a start-up company, letting his people believe in the mission and vision that they do is the challenge that Jerry undertakes each day.

For Jerry, AI is never a static state as it is data-driven. As data changes and moves, so is data, but this is not an excuse for Jerry’s mission to help his clients prioritize and execute smartly.

Key Learning:
  1. Jerry Abiog’s Co-Foundership Experience – 4:21
  2. Jerry Abiog’s Management Philosophy – 6:46
  3. Jerry Abiog’s Most Difficult Experience in People Management – 8:02
  4. Jerry Abiog’s Significant Mistake from a Business Perspective – 8:53
  5. Jerry Abiog’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform – 10:28, 13:04, 16:10
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