MSMP 147: Deanna Figurito on Attrition Reduction Through Leadership Development

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Joining me in today’s episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Deanna Figurito! Deanna and I discussed how she helps businesses reduce attrition rates through value-based impact in the form of leadership development. Deanna emphasizes the importance of intentional one-on-ones and coaching to help people realize their shared beliefs with the company they are working with. Discover more on how values-based leadership development can reduce your attrition rate!

Msmp 147 Deanna Figurito
What else do we cover in this episode?
  1. Values-Based Approach in Leadership Development – 3:23
  2. Values-Based One-on-Ones and Coaching – 15:36
  3. 3 Principles of Coaching (Fulfillment, Balance, and Process) – 17:42
  4. Bridging the Generational Gap through Values-Based Leadership Development (to reduce attrition rate and costs further) – 20:18
Connect with Deanna Figurito:
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  2. Mads Singers Free Management Training
  3. Free Community Group For Managers & Leaders
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