MSMP 45: Matt Mower on Software Navigation Business

Whether you run a small business or head multiple business, there would always be several activities going on every time, and there would always be numerous changes happening simultaneously. These realities pose a challenge to handle at once and not let work become chaotic.

This is why to stay on top of things, Matt Mower, a software builder, and developer advocates the use of an effective software tool designed for every business need.

Joining me on this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no less than Matt himself talking about how meaningful and useful software can be used in businesses regardless of the organizational size.

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Matt’s background involved building software as he worked in software companies for years, including software building mostly in the world start-ups and SMEs.

Over the years, Matt gained a profound understanding of HOW software usage makes a significant business impact once tools are identified to focus on clarifying how an investment could then turn to a relevant output.

Msmp 45 Matt Mower
Free Resources:
  1. 30-Minute Guide to Hiring a CTO
  2. Customer Discovery Canvas
  3. The Mission Canvas
  4. The Art of Navigation

This approach involves enabling people to become agents of change complemented with the targeted tool or software to solve the problem instead of just presenting the software as it is.

Key Learning:
  1. Matt Mower’s Least Liked Experience in Building Software – 1:42
  2. Matt Mower’s Challenges & Strategies in Software Building – 3:52, 6:05, 6:57
  3. Matt Mower’s Headstart Tip For Non-Tech People (Start-Up) – 17:40
  4. Matt Mower’s Approach for Large Business on Software Building – 21:46, 23:04
  5. Matt Mower’s Pro-Advice To Get Started in Software Building – 30:23
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Mullin’s Seven Domain Model
  2. Assumption Mapping by David Bland
  3. Impact Mapping by Gojko Azdic
  4. Testing Ideas – Author: Author: David Bland
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