MSMP 28: Christine Gouchault on Moving Forward and Creating Momentum

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of starting up and creating momentum concerning their goals, whether it be business or purely for passion, just as every sailor knows that a ship can’t be steered once it is not moving forward.

Resilient entrepreneurs are fully aware that to change direction, forward progress has to be created in the first place.

Driven by momentum, Christine Gouchault, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Speaker, and Author joins me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast to tell us a story about how creating momentum and moving forward became her best friend.

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Christine Gouchault is an entrepreneur from Denmark. She started her first business in Paris, which was a Recruitment Agency for a couple of years and moved to Denmark in 2008. After moving to Denmark, she first worked as a consultant in Recruitment and HR and later expanded to Management and Sales as to how to build Sales Organizations.

Christine currently has her own business called Mors Business, wherein she helps female entrepreneurs align their business strategies so that they can succeed with their businesses and have time for their family too.

In January, Christine started a new company, which is an IT Consultancy with her vision of not just managing but running her business.

Christine approaches decisions with practicality and has come to master being an objective business partner. She knows her vision and does not waste energy when she realizes it is working against her.

She profoundly understands that in the absence of momentum, the simplest tasks can seem to be insurmountable problems. With this in mind, Christine ensures that she knows her end goal full well and partners with the right people to help her bring value on the table at the same time equally assisting those who are just starting.

Msmp 28 Christine Gouchault

For Christine, while a good entrepreneur may sustain momentum, a great one increases it by being fully aware and making things happen.

Key Learning:
  1. Christine Gouchault Management Philosophy – 8:46
  2. Expert Insights to Jump Start Your Business – 11:27, 12:45, 17:15, 19:15
  3. Overcoming Management and Business Challenges – 26:50,
  4. Christine Gouchault Take on Personal Relationships turned to Business Partnerships – 29:50, 27:44
  5. Christine Gouchault’s Tips, and Hints – 35:17, 38:01
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