MSMP 46: Michael Tanner on Leadership Development

While many leaders have leadership challenges, there are particulars of leadership unique to each leader level—the transition from being an individual contributor to leading others, then leading other leaders require enhanced capabilities.

Michael Tanner joins me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast to talk about his passion for Leadership Development.

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Michael started his management and leadership career 23 years ago; his experience at the US Marine Core made him realize the true essence of leadership – that it is not about the rank or your direct reports, leadership, after all, is about the relationship.

Currently, Michael is not just a software developer but also a leader of other software developers. It is alongside his career that he is also engaged in what he calls his retirement business, which is focused on Leadership development in his earnest desire to see people win.

Michael subscribes to the view that leadership involves influencing others towards a shared goal.

Msmp 46 Michael Tanner

Michael also believes that leadership development is essential for emerging leaders. The transformation of mindset from being an individual contributor to becoming a significant partner or leader is crucial in not just carrying out the responsibilities but transforming the organizational culture itself.

Key Learning:
  1. Michael Tanner’s Management Philosophy – 4:31, 5:23
  2. Michael Tanner’s Leadership Inspiration – 7:58
  3. Michael Tanner’s Insight on how to get out of “Career Survival Race” – 11:23
  4. Michael Tanner on Grooming Emerging Leaders – 19:45, 23:22
  5. Michael Tanner’s Approach to Personality Tests – 29:30
Golden Nugget:
  1. Golden Rule on Leadership – 37:41
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