MSMP 110: Simon Kardynal on Honesty as his Foundation of Leadership and Communication

Today’s guest on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Simon Kardynal, a Canadian Air Force veteran and the host of Trench Leadership: A Podcast from the Front. With his background in the military, Simon is no stranger to leadership; however, after 26 years of service, some people still get intimidated by his experience.

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Simon also had a hard time communicating with people after leaving the military. He had to make many adjustments, especially when he had to share and reach out to people. But this challenge didn’t stop Simon from achieving his goals. He used this challenge as leverage to start his podcast to help upcoming leaders learn to communicate effectively.

Simon and I subscribe to the view that great leaders are built, not made. Because every leader was once a beginner who also struggled to get where they are today, they were once clueless and confused. Some had to go through complex challenges to achieve their goals.

For Simon, it’s okay not to know everything. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from others, especially if we aren’t familiar with something. This also applies to reaching out to people whenever you are faced with difficulties in life. Let’s face it, we humans thrive on interaction, but because we all have our unique way of dealing with things, we need to consider how we should approach another person.

Msmp 110 Simon Kardynal
Key Learning:
  1. Simon shares about a program he was accepted into and how it taught him that leadership isn’t about just leading with your brain but also with your heart. – 04:46
  2. Simon says that a leader should be a blend of both intelligence and empathy. – 05:08
  3. Mads shares that he is more of a logical person than an emotional person and admits he struggles connecting with people emotionally. Still, he doesn’t let this stop him from reaching out to people or offering his support in a time of need. – 07:28
  4. Simon shares how mingling with others became difficult for him as a leader. – 08:08
  5. Mads says that you need different types of people in your company, you need people who can talk to other people, people who can make sales. Having people who are like you is ideal. However, it doesn’t apply to every aspect. – 10:09
  6. Simon shares that honesty will ensure that things will get done if you’re honest and forthright with your people. – 12:17
  7. Mads says that it’s essential to recognize the different kinds of people you have in your company. – 15:35
  8. Simon says that it’s easier to build connections than understand when to push someone and read their body language. – 17:31
  9. Simon shares a recent experience a few months ago when he realized that different environments require different things. Because of this, Simon’s relationship with the people around him drastically increased. – 20:24
  10. Simon talks about the importance of reaching out to talk to someone you trust when you find yourself in a difficult situation or don’t have all the answers (and it’s okay not to have all the answers all the time). – 28:29
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