MSMP 109: Andrea Overend on Building Teams and Hiring the Right People

Joining me today on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Andrea Overend, founder and owner of Globetrot Pro and Dream Vacations Cruise and Land Vacations travel agency.

Andrea had an early start on entrepreneurship and has had many ventures since then, including her restaurant and travel agency. Now, unlike most travel agency owners, Andrea thrived during the pandemic despite being caught up in confusion when the lockdowns all over the world started. Even though some travel plans were postponed, the experience made Andrea realize the importance of having her team around to help the business stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Andrea had an early start with team building. With her experience in the military, this became a natural thing for her because many teams surrounded her during her stay there; eventually, Andrea slowly branched out to other circles like her church group when she returned to civilian life.

Unlike many business owners who tend to hire directly, Andrea likes to build up her staff and even dip her hands into the nitty-gritty of business, such as learning about a specific niche, the logistics involved in setting up that business, or what permits need to be claimed or applied for. And while it’s common for companies to go over their budgets or exert more effort, it shouldn’t be because of something that’s not essential.

Although it may not be evident initially, business owners should know what department or niche their staff should belong to, spend time with their team and get to know them. This dynamic also helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses; while you may enjoy crunching numbers, a staff member of yours doesn’t. Another critical aspect in running and building a business is delegation. While being in control feels nice (and it has its perks!), holding on too tightly to power can cause problems in the long run.

Msmp 109 Andrea Overend
Key Learning:
  1. Andrea shares that when she opens a business, she acts on what she knows. For the things she doesn’t know, Andrea immediately hires an expert or finds a book for that topic. – 06:03
  2. Andrea shares her teambuilding philosophy: gathering and taking things off her plate. – 06:42
  3. Andrea says that there will be days where you will be working for 120 hours or spending more than your usual budget; however, it shouldn’t be because you’re beating ahead or trying to figure out something that you’re not needed for. – 07:57
  4. Mads says that you’ll need to make sure you can provide excellent customer service if you’re selling an expensive brand or product. – 09:15
  5. Mads likens hiring experts to cheat codes in a game where you can gain instant access to a level or beat the final boss with ease. – 10:20
  6. Andrea says teambuilding with a consultancy is very important for your team. – 12:59
  7. Andrea says that the best hires you have in your staff still need leadership and direction – 13:54
  8. Mads says that when he hires people, he doesn’t just look at what credentials a person has but also how that person can develop later on. – 15:58
  9. Andrea says that while staff should follow SOP’s, they should also have freedom because not everything is black and white. – 23:04
  10. Andrea says that while we often hear information and that implementation is essential, it doesn’t mean we have to take in everything. She adds that even one action step is enough to make a change in your life.- 41: 44
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