MSMP 16: Kris Reid on Management: Focus and Consistency

Nothing in life can be achieved through a quick fix. Nobody gets it that easy which is why focus and the long, difficult process is the only way through even in management. A person cannot just be consistent accidentally. It’s a thoughtful choice you make every day.

Focusing on the actual work that needs to be done may seem cliché, but it works true and has shown proven results.

Kris Reid

Kris Reid from Ardor SEO subscribes to this view.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management PodcastKris Reid from Ardor SEO joins us as he tells us more about how his management philosophy helped him to be successful now.

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Kris Reid started as a Software Engineer and once worked in Finance until the global crisis. This event led him through to being in the SEO Industry of this digital age.

For Kris, having a purposeful – targeted vision and turning that vision into action can make that person holding the vision unstoppable.

Msmp 16 Kris Reid

Kris ensures that the people he works with also understands profoundly the vision that he has. This philosophy in management paves the way for guaranteed results and delivery.

For Kris, meaningful focus and consistency do not only rest on the services Ardor SEO provides but also in the manner he recruits the right people and the way he deals with the people he is working with by establishing the connection to each of them.

Kris has kindly said he will review any listeners website and give them a FREE audit with suggestions for things that they can update.

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Key Learning:
  1. Kris Reid’s Management Philosophy – 2:28
  2. Mission in People Management – 3:43, 7:34
  3. Outgrowing Business Challenges – 5:55, 18:14
  4. Kris Reid’s Approach on Delegation – 9:52
  5. Kris Reid’s Unique Management Style – 13:14
  6. Tips, Tricks, Suggestions – 19:11
Resources Mentioned:
  1. The E-myth – Author: Michael Gerber
  2. Profit First – Author: Mike Michalowicz
  3. Clockwork – Author: Mike Michalowicz
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  1. Website
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