MSMP 107: Richard Matthews on Building Systems and Working Remotely

Joining me today on the Mads Singers Podcast from the comfort of his bus is none other than TheAlchemist, Richard Matthews of Pushbutton Podcast, and The Hero Show. Unlike most people today, Richard works from home and traveling around in his bus, together with his whole family and their pet dog. Like myself, Richard has his podcast called The Hero Show, where he brings to life his superhero persona called The Alchemist and uses his superpowers to help others get their business to the next level.

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A superhuman on his own, Richard can easily see systems and learn things quicker than the average human being. Like myself, Richard loves building systems and has a Pushbutton Process course where he uses it to put businesses on autopilot. Richard then shares his course called the Pushbutton Process, where he teaches people how to build systems efficiently.

Richard shares that while it’s easy to automate everything nowadays, business owners should know where to draw the line on their creative capital and their robot capital. Both of them should co-exist together. But like most business owners, Richard also had a messy start when he began building systems; however, he was able to refine it along the way. It took a big jump when he started hiring new team members. While Richard has been working and managing his staff remotely before everyone else, he finds it hard to build a company culture with remote workers. He shares that business owners should be more intentional. He suggests doing weekly chat meetings, group communications, or simply keeping up with each other during their birthday.

Msmp 107 Richard Matthews

While remote working is still a new concept to most people, I believe and look forward to a future where companies will no longer spend on big office spaces to set up a business and get work done. Even though a colleague is far away and you’ll be meeting each other less frequently, distance shouldn’t be a hindrance to running a business, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Learning:
  1. Richard says that systems should be a blend between your human capital and robot capital (automation) – 03:41
  2. Mads points out that most businesses and owners tend to make complicated systems and say it won’t work.- 04:41
  3. Richard says that processes make up the workflow which gives you the defined outcome. – 07:10
  4. Richard adds that if you have a rock-solid language foundation on how a system is designed – 07:25
  5. Richard shares his love for Trello and how it can be a powerful tool to get things done and even train your new staff. – 10:00
  6. Richard and Mads both share a passion for an outcome-based work ethic rather than how many hours an employee renders. – 16:38
  7. Mads stresses the importance of building a company culture based on discipline so that things can get done. – 18:45
  8. While hiring remotely offers a vast pool of talent, Richard recommends that one look towards a country or race with no significant gap in culture. – 19:57
  9. Mads looks forward to the future of remote working where companies will no longer need big offices or an actual office to get work done. – 21:43
  10. Richard says that business owners should take the risk and shares how most of his successful endeavors came from events where he was afraid.- 28:08
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