MSMP 104: Carrie Cardozo on Management and Effective Communication

Welcome to another episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast. Joining us today is none other than the bubbly business psychic, Carrie Cardozo!

Like most of my guests, Carrie had her start in the corporate world until she decided to start her own business. Now unlike most people, Carrie is a psychic. While this may make some people uneasy, Carrie uses her gift to help businesses and business owners gain the clarity they need in their business to propel them forward, break boundaries, or understand their staff a little better.

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Carrie and I share a trait where we allow flexibility once we give them a task or delegate something. Although at the same time, this may seem counterproductive to some, Carrie and I believe that it’s essential for business owners and managers to be open to their staff regardless of whether the company is doing good or bad.

Being open to your staff allows them to make better decisions, but business owners should be mindful of whom they share because some people are not very good when it comes to receiving negative news.

Carrie shares an anecdote where she implemented a project management system on a whim and caused her employees to question her if she was happy with what the employee was working on. While Carrie’s intentions were good, the lack of communication made her employee feel unappreciated. Because of this, Carrie stresses the importance of having an open stream of communication with your staff because it will benefit both sides.

I then asked Carrie to share how she reads people, and this is where Carrie’s gift comes into play. Carrie can read people’s energy even if they don’t talk too much or share what’s going on during their first meeting.

We both agree that many people don’t know themselves very well and sometimes project this logical persona to please others and deny their desires.

Msmp 104 Carrie Cardozo
Key Learning:
  1. Carrie encourages business owners to communicate with their staff, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – 3:45
  2. Mads says that most employees can sense and feel that something is not right in the company – 4:22
  3. Carrie says that respect has to go both ways.- 6:45
  4. Mads shares his concept in which he identifies the opinion makers in a team before making significant changes – 7:21
  5. Carrie shares her rule of thumb with her meeting dynamics – 10:58
  6. Mads says it’s essential to get to know your staff and their strengths and weaknesses – 12:50
  7. Carrie thinks we shouldn’t be quick to judge people because people have strengths and weaknesses that are often not displayed or talked about- 13:24
  8. Carrie says that although an employee may seem quiet, business owners and managers should allow their employees to show you what they can do. – 15:10
  9. Carrie teaches people to connect to their “heart space” when working with people – 18:45
  10. Mads says that people should go after what they want, which emphasizes their willpower.- 21:41
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