MSMP 54: Beth Miller on Making Better Hires

While hiring is one of the most important parts of running any business, the truth is that many companies are not intentional about hiring. They don’t have calibrated questions that relate to company culture. They don’t use an assessment. They don’t have interviewing skills. I’ve written about these topics before, but it’s always great to learn more from others who spend a lot of time thinking about these subjects.

That’s why it’s my great pleasure to welcome Beth Miller to this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast. Beth runs Executive Velocity, which is a talent management and leadership advisory management firm. Beth works with business owners and their leadership teams and helps identify future leaders in the organization.

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Both Beth and I know how much money can be lost by bringing on the wrong team members. That’s why it’s so important to be intentional in the hiring process. Beth identifies the beginning of this process in having a “company story.” If you don’t know where you came from, it’s really hard to figure out where you are going, and the profiles of the people you need to help you along the way.

If companies have taken the time to write their story, they can then use that to put together a hiring process, another item that many companies don’t often possess. Key elements of that process that Beth and I discussed:

Calibrated questions – not just the generic ones (“tell me your strengths and weaknesses”) but the ones that are related to how you company thinks, acts, and executes

-Assessments – using tests like DISC and Business DNA which not only shows inherent characteristics but opportunities for helpful adaptations

-Video – it’s never been easier to find out rapidly how many candidates should be dumped from the process early on (or to get excited about those who might be great fits)

-Interviewing skills – don’t assume everyone “knows how to interview.” Cultivate those skills in those who most frequently interview new team members

Msmp 54 Beth Miller
Key Learning:
  1. Beth discusses the importance of a hiring mindset – 1:57
  2. Mads shares the two most important skills of a manager – 3:41
  3. Beth warns about the dangers of a manager hiring a “Mini Me” – 4:40
  4. Beth notes that many businesses don’t know how to attract the best candidates – 8:10
  5. Beth shares the importance of having a “company story” – 9:45
  6. Mads notes how game-changing adding a video requirement to a job application can be – 12:55
  7. Beth encourages the types of questions that are tied to your company’s culture – 16:10
  8. Beth shares what “I” vs “we” language means when a candidate is recounting a failure – 19:17
  9. Beth stresses the power of assessments – 25:15
  10. Mads shares the usefulness of DISC – 28:49
  11. Beth talks about planting palm trees and how that’s related to training employees – 40:14
Resources Mentioned:
  1. How to be a Great Boss – Author: Gino Wickman
  2. DISC profile
  3. Business DNA
Connect with Beth Miller:
  1. LinkedIn
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