MSMP 14: Chris Prefontaine on Values Based Management

Management based on values is a critical factor in building a business even more than it’s demanding when leading a family-owned business, as it requires the same integrity and skill at leading as in any other type of organization.

None other than Chris Prefontaine joins us on this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast to share his perspective in leading and growing family-owned business.

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Chris Prefontaine banks on the principle that for the family-owned business to sustain, the system that operates it must be anchored on the values to act upon its mission. This way, shared beliefs are developed and in return, getting the buy-in is not compulsory as successful integration to its values, and its mission has been made.

Values-based management, once clearly defined, must also be the guide in performance evaluation. Chris ensures that for this to be feasible, he consistently communicates those values at every opportunity possible.

Msmp 14 Chris Prefontaine

He gets engaged to his team members by way of shared beliefs so that he can, in turn, grow along with them and lead others in the future.

For Chris, driven by values, alignment on the business’ mission is more likely and helps the details more readily fall into place.

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Key Learning:
  1. Chris Prefontaine’s Management Philosophy – 2:11, 3:04
  2. People Management Mission – 5:42
  3. Outgrowing Business-related Challenges – 6:18, 16:53
  4. Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders – 8:28
  5. Chris Prefontaine’s Take on Delegation – 13:09
  6. Unique Management Style – 15:11
  7. Business Risks – 17:42
  8. Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions – 19:04
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Multipliers
  2. What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
  3. The Hard Things About Hard Things
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