MSMP 4: Anna Shcherbyna on Data-driven Management

Communication technology and advancement in information paved the way for different modes of organizing and doing work. The idea of working and coordinating with co-workers without meeting face to face is now a reality. Hence, diving deep, understanding the business needs, and applying a data-driven management style uniquely can become a vital recipe for success and equity to be sustainable.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast, we discuss the importance of communicating with clarity in all forms most especially that businesses operate in a continually changing environment with many factors influencing outcomes in different ways every day. This communication style magnifies the implications of being data-driven as a leader.

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Joining us today is Remotivate’s Founder and Business Consultant, Anna Shcherbyna.

Anna Shcherbyna is currently running three businesses particularly her own recruitment business where she helps online entrepreneurs to bring in top talents for their business needs, and she also helps operate two other companies that are in the service industry that does operations management explicitly.

Anna acknowledges the fact that each business and industry is unique. Hence, gaining the data and being driven from it lunges people to trust the system and the tools supporting it to create space for equity. Also, this creates accountability for everyone involved in the process and refining the process to adapt to each business need uniquely.

Anna Shcherbyna’s management style emphasizes the benefits of being transparent in approaching business dealings and its direct impact, as echoed by her data-driven philosophy.

Msmp 4 Anna Shcherbyna
Key Learning:
  1. Anna Shcherbyna’s Management Philosophy – (1:24)
  2. Mission in People Management – (5:17)
  3. Anna Shcherbyna’s Management Style – (16:53), (17:42)
  4. Overcoming Management Predicaments – (9:17), (11:08)
  5. Transforming Managers of Tomorrow – (12:00), (14:45), (15:45)
  6. Relevance of Business Risks in Scaling Up a Business – (21:09)
  7. Anna Shcherbyna’s take on Process – (25:35), (29:00)
  8. Anna Shcherbyna’s Management Tips, Tricks, And Techniques – (32:34), (33:05), (33:30)
Golden Nugget:
  1. Why Trusting Your Team is Very Important? – (24:03)
  2. Managing Expectations and Following Through – (34:29)
  3. Business Operations Reality – (29:54)
Reference Mentioned:
  1. The One Thing Book – Author: Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
  2. Traction – Author: Gino Wickman
Apps Mentioned:
  1. Notion
Connect with Anna Shcherbyna online:
  1. Remotivate
  2. Email:
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