MSMP 97: Nicolene Elhadad on Having a Super Team to Help Your Business Grow

Joining us from Cape Town, South Africa, today’s guest on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is none other than self-made millionaire, franchise business coach, and entrepreneur Nicolene Elhadad!

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Nicolene and her husband started from their garage and have worked their way up to several franchises and businesses all over South Africa.

However, it’s not all about earning money. Nicolene and her husband believe in helping people and changing their lives; they even encourage their former employees to go beyond their abilities and never go backward in life.

Nicolene and I then talked about delegation and how important it is in a business. Many business owners are often afraid to let go of the reins and hand over tasks and responsibilities to their employees because of the fear of failure; however, many business owners struggle to grow their business and waste a lot of time and resources. Instead of feeling busy or looking busy, entrepreneurs and business owners should spend their energy elsewhere to grow their business. And while it’s essential to have the right kind of people in your business, a good mindset is also necessary so that you can move your business forward faster. Recruiting people is easy, especially if you’re a known brand or company, but getting them to work with you is difficult.

Msmp 97 Nicolene Elhadad
Key Learning:
  1. Nicole points out that once people figure out what your product is and how good it is, they don’t care how far or near you are located- 3:11
  2. Nicole says you don’t need to be making millions, have a massive team, or have a famous brand before you can start franchising; you need a system that works. It would help if you found people who are like you. – 5:20
  3. Mads says that if you want to develop fast, you want to get rid of everything you do in your business and have other people do it. – 8:02
  4. Mads points out the importance of developing and growing your staff to be able and capable of doing the work they should be doing. – 10:00
  5. Nicole says that business owners should try to have a coffee date with each of their staff once a month to understand them better. They may even have a hidden talent that can help you bring in more money or clients for the business. – 11:09
  6. Mads points out that having a business doesn’t mean you should be running the business but rather hiring the right people to make the business work. – 11:44
  7. People will buy from you in to your business because you’ve given them that safety net. You’ve done all the hard work for them; now they get to partner with someone they can look up to. – 18:17
  8. Nicole believes in having a super team, a better group than you that can take care of all the unnecessary and mundane tasks off your plate so that you can focus on growing the business. – 19:18
  9. Mads shares how he gets surprised by his staff when pushed because they deliver more than you expected. – 21:57
  10. Mads shares how people need to learn, and the only way to do that is by trying out things, failing, and making mistakes. 22:50
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